WIP - The Twin Towers

Remember those towers that Emily was working on for our friends over at Purdue? This week our "twin towers" got to visit our hard coat salon to get a big ol' yellow makeover.

purdue tower

Buckle up, class of 1959.

hardcoat purdue tower 1

First the towers are transported to our hard-coat station where one of our fabricators, Mr. David T. Grady aka Walter White, will give them the business.  In this particular case, that means a quarter inch of this protective coating carefully layered with a spray gun.  Once our towers are covered evenly, drip free, they'll be ready for decorative paint and a life outside in this crazy Indiana weather, safe from harm.

hardcoat purdue tower 2

Looks like I startled him.  And it's no wonder, because hard coat paint comes out of that spray gun at a whopping 300 degrees! GET IT WALTER!

What a bright yellow! If some of you are familiar with color, you're probably wondering how our artists will be able to get a realistic paint job on top of that saturated pigment. Never fear, a little sanding and some primer, you'll never know it was there.

hardcoat purdue tower 4

Fantastic work from fantastic people. Stay tuned to see the final product!

Posted on July 14, 2017 .