Throwback Friday: Bison-tennial Art Project

Happy Friday everyone.  After rifiling through photos of past projects we've created at EXPO, I became excited to show off our growing portfolio.  Our talented crew has worked tirelessly to produce some really special projects, including this Bison and book statue which lives in the entrance of the Indianapolis Public Library.


We "hit the books hard" with this project (zing).  The Library already had the Bison statue but needed some sort of companion to make him look like he belonged.  

No problem! Instead of foam, this time we used bending birch wood to create the feel of an open book.  After a layer of hardcoat, the same spray used in the last blog post, informative graphics were printed on PSV and carefully displayed on the front.


Gorgeous.  If you're passing through the area, be sure to stop and say hi to the artwork and read a book.

Posted on July 21, 2017 .