Happy Frogday

We're back! This time we wanted to show off another step here for our frog kiosk! 

As a reminder, here's an original sketch of our friend.  The Indianapolis Public Library has asked us to help create a "call-a-story" or a nook that kids can sit, relax, and listen.  As an effort to encourage kids to read, this kiosk will allow them to follow along in a book while listening to a recording of the book in tandem.


Last week we saw Tony scrape away layers of foam to create the cylindrical face shape.  This week, the face and box got a layer of hardcoat spray, just like the Twin Towers from Purdue!

Nice and yellow.

Nice and yellow.

Just like our Purdue towers, Mr. Frog will get sanded down and slapped with a fresh coat of paint.  Stay tuned to watch our warehouse bring him to life.

Posted on August 4, 2017 .