Cooking With Acrylic

Welcome back! This week our team has been working on an installation piece for Hoosier Park!  You might recognize it from our website banner above, but here's a picture of the whole sculpture:


As you can see, lots and lots of acrylic sheets are cut down into strips and placed carefully along a metal frame.  But how do we accomplish that swirled, party favor aesthetic? It all starts with a custom-made oven!


Strips of acrylic are placed inside for about 45 minutes, then pulled out and placed around a mold to take it's shape. 

Don't they look like giant, wet noodles? Delicious. Here's a before and after shot, just for the full effect:


Check in next week for a zoo update, watch all of our hard work (like this gumdrop featured below) come to life for this year's Indianapolis Zoo ZooBoo event!

Posted on September 29, 2017 .