Everyone has questions about the process. These steps guide you through our process and let you know what to expect and in what order the steps will come in.



All of your creative challenges will flow from the Discover phase. In this phase, our staff will get a better understanding of your unique needs by asking questions about, your target market, your space & facilities, your goals, and talk about your budget. The Discover phase helps jump start the creative process as well as ensure that we are the right fit for your project.



Your vision is all about finding what lies at the heart of your project. Digging deeper into the Visualize phase, your ideas take on character with rough sketch concepts. Our artists begin fleshing out your ideas on paper so you will be able to run with a concept that has been well thought out. We will go back and forth with sketches and budget until we feel your project is at its maximum impact.



Moving from sketch concept to full color, scale renderings your project will begin to take shape. ExpoDesign works in up to date industry standard design software to help you fully realize your project the way it will look when completed. At this phase materials, color, design choices, and final price quote will be made in preparation for the build.



The form phase is where your initial idea comes to life. A collection of trained specialists and artists begin construction of your project. With an eye for detail your project will be built with strength, and unmatched quality for a lasting impression on your audience.