The Challenge

Rowland Design wanted to install a creative and sophisticated map of Butler University’s campus on an irregular substrate. This map would be integrated into the decor of the new Fairview House building. They needed a digital print on a wood surface with uneven intervals that added a three-dimensional element. ExpoDesign was tasked with performing research and development to create a solution for these design needs.

The Solution

ExpoDesign proposed to create a veneer of laminated wood at different thicknesses. This veneer would hang side-by-side in the space with a 3D walnut installation bearing an inked print of the campus map. Our original solution was to hang these panels using industrial-strength velcro to allow for easy wall access and removal. Unfortunately, however, the velcro failed. We resolved the problem, went back and afixed each panel using hardware and a routed keyhole. ExpoDesign laminated and fabricated each panel in our shop. We brought them to a high-quality finish. Our design team laid out the entire campus map in a digital format and broke it down panel by panel. We then had each walnut panel painstakingly and individually rubber-plate printed. The entire piece was installed over a period of two days. The end result was a unique spin on an antique-looking surface to create a standout and functional map.

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