Covid-19 Services

As businesses begin to plan to open and operate again, they are being forced to shift the way they do business.  The responsibility to provide protection for employees and customers is on top of everyone’s mind.

At ExpoDesign we understand how Covid-19 has impacted both business and business owners. This is why ExpoDesign has decided to provide safeguards and services to help employers.  We have decades of experience working with plastic goods, and we are now developing standard and custom dividers/barriers so your business can be confident that they are offering a solution to their employees and customers when they are unable to maintain a safe, social distance.

We are supplying custom solutions and dividers/barriers for Dine-in Restaurants, Office Settings, and Retail & Service Establishments.

Custom Derived Solutions

Turn-Key Installation

Let us provide you with custom dividers/barriers in nearly any size or shape with any option you may need such as free standing, access holes, decorative finishes, and mounting options.

Send us an email and we will schedule a time to talk about your needs or schedule a site visit.

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