Parade floats make an impact, spark a sense of spirit and are fun, create a sense of community, and build childhood memories. There are a lot of reasons why people get parade floats: some people use it as a form of marketing; some people just truly love the spectacle of parades and some sponsors see it as a form of public entertainment, and a float is their way of giving back to the community.

Parade Float Services

Whether it is a rental or purchase; when creating a parade float or specialty unit, you want something exciting, beautiful, fun and distinctive. Your unit should stand out in the lineup. ExpoDesign builds bold, custom framework, backgrounds, figures and animated components to create extraordinary parade floats and specialty units.

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About Us

Skilled in travel, logistics, parade standards, and safety, Expo understand the wants and needs of parade participants & parade viewers and combines them with your brand identity, creating a one of a kind experience. We also work with each parade or sponsor at a level that is convenient for them. Want a more hands-on approach, or are you looking for a turnkey process?   We can handle every phase: design, fabrication, delivery, or operation and it is this flexibility that allows us to work with any sponsor or parade.

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Expo has everything you need from design, construction, and implementation to build a great parade float.  If you are looking to grow your parade and keep sponsors engaged, contact us now and schedule a call.